Why, Oh Why?

 Well, The Problem Is: Texting while driving has become a very serious problem with today’s   generation, also knows as the age of modern electronics meaning that the majority of the population rely  of technology for most every day tasks. Studies show that “Texting while driving increases the risk of  accident 23.2 over unimpaired driving.” (Hagman 1). This growing problem mostly affects teenagers  between the ages of sixteen and twenty. Since the ban on texting while driving in the summer of 2009  many awareness programs such as the SAJD, also knows as, “Stay Alive Just Drive!, Inc. which is  nationally recognized for its prevention and education of texting while driving have grown and only  worked closer to their goal of banishing distracted driving. Another study done showed that “A large percentage of the people said they know distracted driving is dangerous, but do it anyway.” That is a very scary thought to think about that most people are so careless, but I myself am guilty of texting while driving although I try not to make a habit out of doing it. I think that the major problem with today’s society is just mainly the addiction to cellphones and the usage of them all day every day, so the only way to prevent this dangerously fast growing problem is to break the addiction and to make people more aware not only of this problem but the problems and solutions to texting while driving.

Don’t Let This Be You: I began to do a search online about texting and driving and about all of the problems with it and stumbled upon many startling statistics such as, “A driver is twenty three times more likely to get into a car accident while driving and texting.” I became very interested about this topic and I came up with a summary list of the top reasons why texting and driving is such a big problem:

  • Teenagers tend to think they are invincible. This poses as a problem because many teens think, “Oh, that will never happen to me”, but the reality is that this is a real problem and could happen to anyone.
  • Our generation is “obsessed” with technology. This poses as a problem because people recently have become so obsessed with technology such as i-phones and all of the latest fads and are not even able to put them down if their lives depended on it.
  • Texting while driving causes a delayed/slower reaction time. This poses as a problem because while texting and driving you are not paying attention to the road and most often do not have time to stop which is the cause of the many car accidents nation wide.
  • High casualty rate. There are 1.6 million car crashes world wide due to texting and driving.
  • They don’t know: This poses as a problem because often times people are not educated in the reasons why texting and driving is a serious crime and a danger to oneself and others.
  • It can wait. There is no text message that can not wait just a few moments until you are stopped not only for the safety of yourself but others around you.


    1.    Silence your Cell Phone.“Out of sight, out of mind”, this is basically saying to put your phone and silent and leave it alone which driving because if you don’t hear it then you will not be tempted to take a quick peek.
    •    Hands-Free devices. 

This may not be completely safe but it does stop drivers from looking away from the road while operating a vehicle. Place a call instead.

  •    Put yourself on a “Cell Phone Diet”. Try to cut down time that is spent on ones cell phone.
  •    Remove Data plans from cell phone. Takes away the temptation of picking up your phone and using it at all times.

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How You Can help!

We all have come to the same conclusion, texting and driving is very dangerous and needs to be stopped for the safety and protection of other unsuspecting drivers. Countless numbers of companies, businesses and even just local protesters have put in tremendous amounts of effort to stop this distracted driving; to enable others that they live and work in a safe environment. In order to help resolve this growing problem i would recommend:

  • Set a good example, Do NOT text and drive under any circumstance.
  • Speaking to local people of power to spread the word.
  • Get a hands free system for your phone
  • Place a call, not send a text.
  • Silence your cell phone

Figure 2

Any sort of distracted driving could be dangerous for not only the person driving but also any innocent bystanders who just happen to be around at the time of the crash.

The Beginning of the End..

 In the year of 2009, a horrible ban was passed in the government affecting only thirteen   out of fifty states which would change the ways of the many young and reckless drivers all over the world. Texting and driving was outlawed during the summer of 2009 and came back with a vengeance, each victim that was pulled over for this so-called crime received a very expensive traffic ticket along with possible suspension of your license as a consequence. I do not know if this new law could be looked at as a blessing or just extremely unnecessary but as i began  to update my knowledge about this topic it became more clear to me that this maybe is not so bad and could end up saving millions of people. Statistically speaking almost six thousand people were the victims of fatal car crashes due to texting and driving in just one year, which is an astounding amount of people and ultimately led to the banishing of texting while driving and possibly, in the future, ban all cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle altogether.

I have a very close friend of mine who had an encounter with the law because she broke a big rule and had to pay the consequences, In November of 2011 my dear friend was pulled over by the Gwinnett county police for not only texting while driving but failure to maintain her lane because of the distraction of her cell phone. She was hit with a harsh fine, she had to pay a $300 dollar ticket to the county and on top of that, she at the time being under eighteen years old, got her license suspended for six months. She paid her fine and did her time but all of this could have been avoided with just waiting a few moments to respond to a possibly unimportant message at the time being.

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